Chatham, NY



Full Address: 18 Jones Ave Chatham, NY 12037 (Medical Thermography for Health)

Technician Name: Patricia Bowden-Luccardi CTT

Services Offered: Full Body Medical Thermogaphy, STAT Service, Female Technician

Phone Number: 518-929-7579

Online Booking: No

Training: Certified through PACT


By appointment only

Patricia Bowden-Luccardi has been a lifetime student of integrative health and wellness, having studied and taught a variety of natural health modalities and therapies. For over 30 years she has been teaching and providing private consultation on health protocols customized to her clientele’s personal needs. Patricia is a certified Thermographic Technician and a professional member of Breast Thermography International and Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology. She holds licensed certifications in Clinical Massage Therapy, and Whole Health EducationÔ and coaching. Patricia has lectured widely to both professional medical and lay audiences. Some of her speaking venues have included, New York City’s Beth Israel Medical Center, Canyon Ranch Medical Resort, Cavel Cancer Treatment Clinic, Breast Cancer Options network, Albany Medical Center, New York City’s 92nd Street Y, Greenwich and other leading hospitals.

As a public lecturer, presenter, group facilitator and a private health consultant, I have developed concise and entertaining presentations that are vitally instructive. They are intended to rapidly introduce participants about the most critical principles of breast health. The state of the art radiation free breast cancer screening—Thermography—is presented as biologically safer and more effective than standard breast cancer screenings. I also provide women with the essential tools to enable them to detoxify themselves and their environment, and learn how to replenish their health in areas of deficiencies linked to breast health. Together, women can better sustain their gynecological health and wellness.

Her signature talks are on Breast Thermography and Breast Health and Environmental Estrogens. She offers Breast Thermography and Full Body thermography in her Manhattan office as well as multiple visiting labs around New York State.

Patricia is the author of Thermography and the Fibrocystic and Dense Breast available on Amazon on this link: