Hesston, KS



Full Address: 345 N Old US Hwy 81, Hesston KS 67062 (Essential Elements Wellness Spa)

Technician Name: Tracy Jones and Karrie Ruebke

Services Offered: Full Body Medical Thermography,Female Technician

Phone Number: 620-951-4493

Online Booking: Yes

Training: PACT


Monday: 9-5 pm
Tuesday: 9-5 pm
Wednesday: 8:30-5 pm
Thursday: 8:30-5 pm
Friday: 9-1 pm

Born and raised a Kansas girl, Tracy Jones, is a small-town girl with a gift of healing and compassion that comes from the heart.

“I spent years trying to find my place and my purpose, the thing that would satisfy my intrinsic nature to serve others and feed my soul.”

Tracy has had a knack for massage since she was young, massaging the shoulders and necks of family and friends, and finding great satisfaction in helping others feel better.

She started working for her first chiropractor in 2001 and immediately was drawn into Holistic Health practices because of how much relief she experienced after an accident had left her with damaged ligaments and chronic muscle spasms. At times the discomfort was too much for her to bear. She needed a more detailed and intricate muscle release of her own body. Chiropractic philosophy’s method of finding the problem at its source, rather than treating the symptoms, has helped her tremendously to continue living her life without becoming addicted to painkillers and muscle relaxers. “I am so very grateful! Today, I get to use my knowledge and skills to help people regain function and reduce pain. I can help them! I can be that person that I needed during my healing, that helps relieve the pain and problems as well as giving them the best quality of care and relief. “

Now, as a small business owner, Tracy is expanding her team and her vision! She has brought in her sister, Karrie Ruebke to be her main Thermography tech and CryoSkin Clinician. With an eye for detail and a shared love of helping people live their best lives, Karrie brings additional caring to Essential Elements Wellness Spa. Karrie herself has suffered from chronic pain for well over a decade and was drawn to Medical Thermography because of its ability to SEE the root cause of pain and inflammation in her own body, and for its ability to detect even subtle changes that could mean earlier diagnosis for people of any age or sex.

Nestled at the south end of the strip mall in Hesston at 345 N Old US Hwy 81, Essential Elements Wellness Spa offers many services such as Massage, Reiki, Cryoskin, Breast/Body Thermography, Nutrition Counseling and Workshops, Tanning, Detox Foot Bath, Allergy/Sensitivity Testing, and Creative Wellness Classes. Through passion, expertise, and compassion, our providers are committed to guiding clients towards their own personal goals. Confidently empowering them to be healthier in mind, body, and spirit.