Lompoc, CA



Full Address: 203 W Central Ave, Lompoc, CA 93436

Technician Name: Dr. Bruce Stevens

Services Offered: Full Body Medical Thermogaphy, STAT Service, Male Technician

Toll Free Number: 877-315-7226 Ext 444

Online Booking: Yes

Training: PACT


Monday, Wednesday and Friday- 9:30am-12pm; 3pm-6pm
Tuesday- 8am-1pm

Dr. Bruce Stevens

I have been in practice for 25 years. I have always looked for better ways to deliver care and measure outcomes of chiropractic care. Being able to measure physiological changes that are related to the nerve system and circulatory systems is an amazingly powerful tool. Thermography can lead to early detection of inflammatory conditions and help to guide care recommendations to create the best outcome possible. Understanding the body is a self regulating self healing system, its important to be able to monitor changes and to see how care recommendations are impacting homeostasis or balanced body functions.