Full Address: 130 Port Williams Rd/Gierin Creek Rd Sequim, WA 98382

Technician Name: Patricia Ryan

Services Offered: Full Body Medical Thermogaphy, STAT Service, Female Technician

Toll Free Number: Ext 360-460-9394; 360-681-7479

Online Booking: No

Training: PACT


By Appointment

Nutrition, Reflexology, Massage, MFT & Zyto Scan Evaluations/Suggestions, Thermography
Patricia Ryan is located in Sequim, Washington and has been trained and licensed in alternative therapies. Patricia is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, International Certified and Licensed Reflexologist, Licensed Massage Practitioner, Zyto scan trained and a MFT Certified Practitioner with Thermography training. She is licensed to assess visually and palpate with hands on touch. Patricia believes the body can heal itself and reflects its state of health. Patricia Ryan is passionate about living life well. Quality of life is important at any age and her practice at Living Health Center offers options and choices of services with goals to effect change in client health and life. Everyone is an individual and unique. What works for one may be different for another. Therefore she looks for patterns to reset and connect what your whole body needs.
Supplements are available for purchase to help nutritionally support the body as each person makes diet or lifestyle changes. Patricia also uses: MFT (similar to kinesiology testing & testing body energy) and zyto scan (a computerized program) plus other paperwork to track body changes. Blood pressure and weight are documented plus other necessary self-care like: food journaling. Lab reports may be reviewed or ordered as needed. EMF tapping, music, body code, magnets, Sozo , etc. can be used as part of sessions or the client’s self-care program to support body, soul, spirit – whole body.
As a Reflexologist, Patricia Ryan was schooled in Reflexology & Meridian Therapy (applying pressure to one area to affect another reflexive area of the body: i.e. meridians, feet, hands, ears, finger and toe nails, chakras, etc.). She has trained with VRT (vertical-gravity based reflexology), Aromatherapy reflexology, Raindrop technique with essential oils, Chi Reflexology, etc. One benefit of reflexology can be reduction of pain that is physical, emotional or/and psychological. Using reflexology with essential oils can help strengthen the immune system and affect other body systems.
Patricia Ryan specializes in a variety of massage techniques: Swedish/relaxing; myofascial release-slow gentle unwinding fascia work, clinical treatment, trigger point therapy, raindrop massage/reflexology technique with essential oils, aroma therapy, etc. She is a licensed massage practitioner and is also a certified stone therapist…which means she can work with hot, cold and precious stones during a massage.
Most recent Patricia has been studying thermography and has chosen to add this service to her practice. Thermography is an FDA approved painless, non-invasive screening procedure which uses a specialize camera to take infrared images. This is another useful tool Patricia will use to suggest supports and options to her clients. Thermography can detect heat patterns in the infrared wave-length spectrum that are not visible to the unaided eye.
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