Union City, NJ



Full Address: 4418 Kennedy Blvd Union City, NJ 07087

Technician Name: Stephanie Calache

Services Offered: Full Body Medical Thermogaphy, STAT Service, Female Technician

Phone Number: Ext 551-655-5254

Online Booking: No

Training: PACT


Hours vary but standard hours are 10 AM-6PM

Stephanie Calache grew up in a medical-oriented household all her life with both parents being alternative-minded practioner and medical doctors; Martine Calache and Dr. Michael Calache. She wanted to focus a career in medicine as well and currently works with First Class Homeopathy alongside her mother, assisting in the practices of classical homeopathy.
She attended the New Jersey City University in Jersey City, NJ graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. With this degree, she intended to pursue a career with animals and behavioral psychology until a personal experience with thermography drew her into that field. She had a family member who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and underwent some painful diagnostic imaging tools such as mammography, PECT scans, etc. Her family member sought out an additional screening tool that could work in adjunction to the others. Her primary care physician recommended she take a thermographic scan to monitor her treatments for the breast cancer via each scan. She was fascinated with the science behind thermography and how she was able to view the treatments working via each scan. It then occurred to me the beauty behind thermography. She wondered if it can be integrated in her office. That is where Thermography began to take its fulfillment in their homeopathic practice. She now sees the benefits of using thermography before, during, and after treatments with homeopathy. The patients also love seeing it for themselves. They are able to discern the benefits of both homeopathy and thermography monitoring their treatments, and noting their progress. She recommends thermography for everyone. Stephanie has been a certified thermographic practioner since 2018. It’s non-invasive, inexpensive, fast, no-radiation screening tool. You do not want to “play around” when it comes to your health. Why not take every measure according to your circumstance to obtain the best health possible.