Get to Know Your Breasts

Anthony Piana, DC, FPACT

Breast Thermography International (


Many women find it overwhelming to delve into creating a palpable baseline of their breast tissue. There is a whole array of tissue to be felt from milk ducts, clogged milk ducts, fibrosis, and other normal anatomy. This can become overwhelming to the beginner breast checker.


The best way to begin is to break out a can of massage oil and treat yourself to a self-breast massage either on a specific day of the month or the day following your period. The idea here is twofold. The first would be to acquaint yourself with your normal breast tissue. It may take a few months to be comfortable with knowing what is normal, what is transient, and what may be abnormal. The second benefit to this is to break up scar tissue and adhesions within the breast as well as create better circulation in the lymphatic and circulatory systems.


Because of the demand placed on breasts in a woman’s lifetime there are many things that can go awry internally. The immune system is very elaborate and well adapted to correcting these problems, therefore by removing adhesions and opening up flow will allow your body to do the job of restoring breast health.


In the event pathology arises you will quickly notice the difference. Please keep in mind that changes happen throughout the month from hormonal activity. It is possible to have benign fibrocysts or fibroadenomas that can be rather large and alarming.  Consult a specialist to assess for any abnormal findings.


Screening of the breast through thermography is an important addition to your breast wellness. Detecting thermal patterns within the breast on a periodical basis can be life-saving. Following your breast temperatures may also create better health by finding areas that may be subclinical as well as hormonal irregularities. I recommend screening of the breast every 6 to 12 months.


Hormone activity and thermography is a pioneering science. At Breast Thermography International we have seen tens of thousands of cases, and have helped thousands of women create Better breast Wellness.