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Breast Cancer Screening

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What services does BTI offer?

All Breast Thermography International lab centers offer breast and full body thermography.


Breast Thermography is a non-invasive and painless way to screen for breast cancer without radiation or compression of the breast. It uses state of the art medical infrared technology to assess heat in the breast. Comparative exams create a baseline for monitoring breast health based on individual thermal patterns and changes.
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Medical Thermography is a whole body analysis for assessing skin surface temperatures that can be correlated by a physician to assess for abnormal physiology. Uses for thermography are similar to that of an oral thermometer, a stethoscope, or any other medical test that assesses patient function.
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We have found in the over 30 years of training thermographic technicians that the key to success is a combination of learning styles. We offer online academic learning to start you out with the right principles and information on the science of thermography. We then optimize your learning experience with hands on imaging with different imaging systems.
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About BTI

Mission of Breast Thermography International

The Mission of Breast Thermography International is to bring a high level of scientific standards to thermographic imaging and our patients. We see that all members are trained to the highest standard possible through extensive training and continuing education. BTI standards of education are regulated through PACT, Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology, a Non-Profit Organization. All members must adhere to these guidelines. For information on the guidelines and qualifications of the interpreting doctors visit the PACT WEBSITE Read more

Thermography News

Breast Thermography’s Heat Seeking Technology Going Mainstream as Adjunctive Method for Breast Cancer Screening

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