Become a Thermographic Technician

Join BTI

Join BTI and become a thermographic technician. You may add this to your current business plan and join the hundreds of us who already have.  Make a career out of doing something you love to do and help others enjoy better health and wellness.

Training Through PACT

All  training and certification is done through The Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology (PACT) and is available online.

Training is broken down into two main components:

Part 1: Academics of Medical Thermology (Online)

Part 2a: Practical Training on the system included in your package (Online)

Part 2b: Hands on, one day course (travel fee applies)

BTI Package

BTI PackageWe provide a turn-key medical thermography package that enables the least amount of frustration in implementing thermography into your business plan. We do not sell equipment, but put the package together for you that best fits your needs. From training, help choosing equipment and marketing resources, to seamless integration with an interpretation system, BTI has simplified and streamlined this process for you. Check out the BTI Package


BTI Membership

Become a Thermographic Technician and being a member of Breast Thermography International  is a critical component to your success. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. We have everything you need.  We will supply you with a starter marketing package and a marketing plan, as well as a customer support center.

Our member say that one of the best features of our program is the MASTERMIND PRINCIPLE, where we all learn off one another.

As a BTI Member You  receive:

  • Directory/ web listing
  • 800 Number
  • Marketing Support
  • Technical Support
  • Continuing Education
  • Monthly Online Meetings
  • Annual Conventions (Live or Online


Portable or Stationary Systems

The portability of the BTI System is entirely up to you. We can help you hard mount in a high-tech setting, or you may choose the portable route where you can fit everything in a backpack.



*We do not sell thermal cameras but work closely with the manufacturer to make sure your order is customized for your intended use and is compatible with our interpretation methods. Each manufacturer’s FDA 510K clearance is different for intended uses.