Your Breast Thermography Exam

Your breast thermography exam is a non-invasive physical test that lasts approximately 15 minutes. Unlike mammography exams, it does not put stress on the breast, as it uses no compression or contact at all. The technology is  digital infrared imaging  that looks for symmetry in the breast. Women with implants or those with a mastectomy fall outside of the “routine” analysis, but are able to be tested with some adaptations in evaluation procedures.


Testing is  performed in the physician’s or technician’s office. The patient will be asked to fill out a breast history form at least 24 hours prior to the visit that will include important protocols to be followed. The examination may be performed in a privacy setup behind a curtain and will be left for 10-15 minutes to let their body reach equilibrium with the room’s temperature.  After 15 minutes the patient will be positioned in front of the camera (thermography system) to image the upper chest, underarms, and the breasts.


These images are captured in real time from the infrared imaging camera then stored. All images are stored for comparison of future images so that a baseline can be achieved. The images provide a clear view to vascular patterns, temperature differentials, and possible pathological conditions.


The captured images will be interpreted by a PACT Certified Clinical Thermologist who will process and grade the images digitally. After analyzing the images, they are graded using a PACT standardized reading protocol and an in depth report will be written.

You will receive a report with all images in about 3-7 days.  You may then share this valuable information with your doctor or other health care professional.

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