Medical Thermography Research

Did you know that breast thermography research dates back to 1956?

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Breast Thermography

Why haven't I heard about Breast Thermography?

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Thermography Technician Training

What do I need to know to get involved as a Certified Thermographic Technician?

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Mercola on Thermography

NEJM 2012 on Mammograms

How Does Thermography Work?

Thermography can be used as a whole body analysis for assessing surface heat temperatures that can be correlated by a physician for many reasons.  Uses for thermography are similar to that of an oral thermometer, a stethoscope, or any other medical test that brings together a better physiological assessment of a patient. How an infrared thermal camera works is through a complicated high tech manner.  The human body emits infrared radiation that the sensor on the thermal camera reads and through calibration translates it in to a temperature reading.  The camera that the thermographer uses and the calibration process is one of the most important aspects to medical thermography.

Who Analyses the Thermography Images?

Our system relies on the advanced training and experiences that our interpreters have. Our top interpreters have 25-40 years of experience in medical thermography.  Each image taken is analyzed by three levels of interpreters with varying degrees of expertise.  Our level 3 interpreters are the highest level in the world and are PACT certified.

How Do I Receive My Results?

After the interpretation process has completed the results will be available by secure email . You will receive a notification that your report is ready. You may elect to have the report sent to your own doctor or we do have Consulting doctors available for your convenience.

Thermography News

Breast Thermography’s Heat Seeking Technology Going Mainstream as Adjunctive Method for Breast Cancer Screening

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About BTI

Mission of Breast Thermography International

The Mission of Breast Thermography International is to bring a high level of scientific standards to thermographic imaging and our patients. We see that all members are trained to the highest standard possible through extensive training and continuing education. BTI standards of education are regulated through PACT, Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology, a Non-Profit Organization. All members must adhere to these guidelines. For information on the guidelines and qualifications of the interpreting doctors visit the

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