Breast Thermography Case Study

 Date of Study: Jan 2015

Patient Concerns: I have experienced breast changes in both breasts. I have fibrocystic breasts and have noticed less density in my
left breast. My right breast has a fairly good size dense spot across the top of the breast which has caused me pain.

Breast Symptoms: Breast size change right, Hormone replacement therapy

Hormone Therapy: I am on bio-identical hormones through HHC. Biest/Test (60/40) Versa .5/2 MG/ML cream. (7 clicks)
Progesterone (Versa) 10% (100MG/ML) Cream. 8 clicks


Last Mammogram: 7/23/14
Study Results: 2 (3-D scans were performed) results were deemed
normal ••••••••••••

Diagnosed with Cancer: No

Impression:  breast cancer right breast