Thermography Location in Burlington

Erika Salek LMT, CTT, HHC offers a Medical Thermography location in Burlington, IA and the surrounding rural areas at Essential Whole Body Health.  Situated on the mighty Mississippi River, Essential Whole Body Health is conveniently located for people in Southeast Iowa and Western Illinois.

Erika is a Therapeutic Massage Therapist, Thermography Technician and Holistic Health Coach.  She has been a professional member of Breast Thermography International (BTI) and is certified through (PACT) Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology since 2014 performing over 200 thermography scans. Erika believes that good health is not a luxury and works with her clients to create a healthier, happier self with her wide range of modalities, helping clients establish healthy lifestyles through authentic, holistic health practices.

Your health is of primary concern at our thermography location in Burlington, IA and we help assess your health through thermographic screening. Thermography can detect problems early enough to use preventive measures, rather than detecting the disease at a stage where treatment is imminently required.  Thermography is safe at any age or any stage of life, even for pregnant or nursing mothers.  Establishing a baseline at the earliest possible age helps you to move forward with your health in mind. Why wait until you are 40! We suggest that if you are over 20 years old – you need a scan! A full body scan to start is a great way to get a whole body view of your health.  We can then map and monitor yearly changes within the body giving a physiological overview of your health.

The thermography location in Burlington, IA offers breast thermography as well as full body thermography to create a baseline for overall health. Erika also performs scans at remote locations upon request for groups of five or more. If desired, a thermography informational presentation at your location can be scheduled. Thermography appointments are scheduled in advance to adhere to necessary protocols prior to screening. There is a female technician on site, for breast, torso and full body scans. Essential Whole Body Health also accommodates male clients.

Thermography is the measurement of temperature variations at the body surface. Similar to using an oral thermometer to detect changes in temperature to indicate disease processes, we use thermography’s state of the art technology to find abnormalities in human wellness long before the body’s sensory organs. Increased heat generally indicates disease developing in the body, and cancer metabolism usually produces more heat when compared to normal tissue.  This is true for breast cancer, thyroid dysfunction, inflammation leading to cancer, heart disease, and other diseases. ​

Erika received her massage training from Eastwind Holistic School of Healing in Iowa City in 1999, she believes massage is a therapeutic and necessary tool in life.  She was trained as a Holistic Health Coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she received detailed and careful instruction on how to coach others. Her focus is not only on food and nutrition; she also concentrates on other aspects with the understanding that having a well-balanced life is the key to living happier and healthier. Erika also offers detox methods in her office. A Detox Footbath and Infrared Sauna are both natural, healthy, easy on the body ways to detox.

For more information about this Thermography location in Burlington Iowa check out what Essential Whole Body Health has to offer on our website, or schedule direct by calling Erika Salek at 319-750-0942.


Thermography Location in Cincinnati

Jacky Groenewegen and her team’s thermography location in Cincinnati, OH, offer Breast Thermography and Full Body Thermography.  Appointments are scheduled in advance to make sure patients adhere to important protocols that must be followed for medical thermography.

Jacky manages multiple visiting labs around Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky.

thermography location in West Chester, OH

Mindful Wellness Medical Thermography was started by Jacky in 2013.  Jacky became a Certified Thermographic Technician through the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology and joined Breast Thermography International in 2013.  In 2018 Jacky launched her mobile subsidiary, Holistic Health Mobile Thermography.  The Thermography Location in Cincinnati, Ohio is an inviting place where Jacky helps her clients monitor and improve their health through thermography, massage and providing holistic solutions.

Jacky finds many of her clients are thrilled to find a safe non-invasive screening that uses heat detection to locate areas of temperature differences in the body.  Using infrared imaging, this provides an adjunctive screening tool and gives a clearer picture of body health status.  As an example, thermography helps with breast health.  This simple, no-touch, no radiation screening uses a sensitive digital infrared-sensing camera that develops a color image on a computer of the body’s thermal patterns. This pain-free screening procedure maps, measures and monitors inflammation and other abnormalities and changes in overall body conditions earlier than most other tests.  Certain kinds of diseases, like tumors, increase blood flow that cause an increase in temperature shown on a thermographic scan.

“Thermography is a safe, adjunctive screening tool that can be helpful in the diagnosis of many potential diseases.  I see men, women and children,” says Jacky.  “It’s perfect for women with dense breasts, implants or women who are nursing or pregnant, when mammograms are not a good option.  In fact, breast thermography can identify areas of concern years before traditional tests”

Jacky frequently speaks at health fairs, networking events, and private meetings promoting the benefits of thermography in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Jacky is passionate about the safety and benefits of thermography.  She frequently co-sponsors education events promoting breast massage, lymphatic drainage and the role hormones play in your breast health.   The Thermography Location in Cincinnati, Ohio expands its reach by working with practitioners like chiropractors, dentists, and integrated holistic physicians to jointly improve the health of their patients.   If a thermogram is abnormal, a patient can work with his/her doctor to monitor health and treatments.

It is very common for individuals who receive their first or subsequent thermography scans to complement Jacky on her ability to fully explain the thermography process. In addition, her clients feel completely at ease with Jacky during their breast thermography scan.  The Thermography Location in Cincinnati, Ohio takes great pride in offering full body thermography scans, breast thermography scans or head & torso scans.

For more information about our Thermography Location in Cincinnati, Ohio and our mobile services, you may visit our website  Reach out to us! We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and we will schedule an appointment for you when you are ready.



Thermography location in West Des Moines

Dr. Shannon White has been doing Medical Thermography scans in her thermography location in West Des Moines. She is available to perform scans at remote locations upon request for groups of four or more. She is a member of Breast Thermography International and a professionally certified through The Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology.

thermography location in West Des moines

Shannon is passionate about educating her community about health and alternative medicine. She performs breast thermography in her thermography location in West Des Moines, as well as full body thermography to create a baseline for overall health.

All are highly encouraged to start with a full body thermography exam to visualize the “whole picture” of your health. We recommend you first scan at 20 in order to have a baseline created.   10% of all breast cancers are in women under 40 years of age.  Thermography has the potential to see the physiological changes that start to happen in the early stages of cancer. Thermography scans are radiation free, non invasive, and safe for anyone.

Dr. Shannon is trained in homeopathy, herbs, and whole food supplements to help patients
reach their health goals. Detoxing is key to staying healthy . Our world is full of xenoestrogens
which are a cause of many cancers and health concerns in both men and women. It’s important
that we avoid products that contain them but also help the body detox them out. At our
thermography location in West Des Moines we put protocols together based on electrodermal
screening and EAV analysis to match you to the best way to reach your health goals. Let us
help you start your journey to a healthier lifestyle. Contact us at 515-267-9956 or visit us at if you are looking for a thermography location in West Des Moines or
surrounding areas.

Thermography location in Skagit Valley

Sarah Herlickson and her husband Tim opened their thermography location in Skagit Valley north of Seattle in the beautiful Skagit Valley, home of the well-known, annual Tulip Festival. Their office is in the historical Knutson building in Burlington, Washington, now home of The Apothecary Spa and other health and wellness businesses. Our thermography location in Skagit Valley is conveniently located for easy access from Bellingham, Snohomish County or the San Juan Islands.  Inside the office, you will find a peaceful and private setting where the patient is scanned behind a privacy screen for their comfort during the screening process. 

thermography location in Skagit Valley

What is Breast Thermography?

Breast Thermography is a completely safe adjunctive screening tool. It does not use radiation or compression to screen for breast cancer.  It uses state of the art technology that assesses heat and detects abnormalities in the breast through infrared technology. Early detection of cancer can greatly improve treatment options and overall outcome. We encourage you to start with a Full Body scan as comparative exams can create a baseline for monitoring your health based on thermal changes. 

Medical Thermography is safe for men, women and children. A Full Body exam can be used to assess: Thyroid, Cerebrovascular Screening, Intestinal Inflammation, Hormone Imbalances, Back Pain, Vein Thrombosis, Nerve Pathology, Circulation and Arthritis. We offer breast thermography screening  only, head and torso or full body. Male screening includes a testicular view and is performed by a male technician at our thermography location in Skagit Valley.

Tim and Sarah are members of Breast Thermography International and Certified technicians through the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology.  PACT and BTI’s mission are to bring a high level of scientific standards to thermographic imaging and their patients.  You can be sure your scans will be done with the utmost care and professionalism. All scans are interpreted by Board Certified Physicians with over 40 years of thermography experience.

Skagit Thermography is here to help with your health and wellness journey.  We continue to grow our referral list to connect you with the best clinic or physician to help aid in your path to wellness.

For information about our thermography location in Skagit Valley and how we can help, you can visit

Thermography Location in NYC

Patricia Bowden-Luccardi offers Medical Thermography, conveniently located in midtown, five minutes from the  Grand Central Station subway stop and Metro North. Patricia scans patients three times a month in the thermography location in NYC as well as several times a year in Long Island, Brooklyn, Albany, Connecticut and Poughkeepsie.  Appointments are scheduled in advance to adhere to important protocols prior to screening.

thermography location NYC

Patricia has been a lifetime student of integrative health and wellness and has performed over 5000 screenings in the thermography location in NYC. She is a certified thermographic technician, a professional member of Breast Thermography International and The Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology. She holds licensed certifications in clinical massage therapy, neuromuscular therapy, and Whole Health Education™.

Your health is our number one priority and  we help you assess your health through the thermographic screening. Thermography has the ability to detect problems early enough to use preventive measures, rather than detecting disease at a stage where treatment is imminently required.

I will connect you to the best practitioner or modality that best suits your health needs. I witness the success of these practitioners work in many areas of health including remission of cancer while doing the least amount of harm to a person’s body.

Based on all the results we see, we strongly suggest to start by checking your entire body. Our thermography location in NYC offers health screening for breast only, the torso and head, and the full body. Men’s full body exam includes the testicles.

Thermography is a  radiation-free adjunctive to an anatomical  testing. It uses heat detection to locate areas of temperature differences in the body. Breast disease can be detected by looking at areas of excessive heat that may indicate areas of angiogenesis, or increase of blood vessels supplied by a growing tumor. Thermography can be used for general breast health assessment and is most effective for dense breast. 

Thermography is a safe adjunctive screening of other diseases such as thyroid abnormalities, lymphatic congestion, nervous system disorders, abdominal inflammation, vascular system analysis, neuromuscular disorders and over all systemic inflammation.

For more information about our Thermography Location in NYC and our services go to or book direct by calling Patricia Luccardi at 518 929-7579. 


Thermography Location in Pensacola

Dr. Karen Cann started seeing patients out of her thermography location in Pensacola (Gulf Breeze),  FL in the fall of 2018 performing Medical Thermography screenings. Dr. Cann is assisted by Denise L. Lebert.  Dr. Cann is a member of Breast Thermography International and is a Certified technician through the Professional Association of Clinical Thermology

thermography location in Pensacola

Her thermography location in Pensacola is operating within Dr. Cann’s primary practice called Integrative Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Solutions. Thermography screenings can be booked by calling Dr. Cann’s office. 

Thermography is a Lifesaving Technology and was introduced by Dr. Cann’s pioneering mentality to bring her thermography location in Pensacola to the public.

Thermography is a completely safe, non-contact, radiation-free screening tool that detects abnormalities in breast and body tissues. Early detection is critical to treatment options and overall prognosis. 

“Breast Thermography and full body thermography can warn individuals that a cancer, or possibly a precancerous lesion is forming” Dr. Can states.  This is why the doctor personally recommends her patients choose the full body thermography scan. “Why stop at the breast tissue?”

“An abnormal thermography test is the single most important sign of high risk for developing cancer. The abnormal breast thermography exam is 10 times more significant than a first-order family history of breast cancer.”  Breast cancer strikes one in eight American women.

Heat Reveals Disease

Thermography uses infrared imaging to detect precancerous and cancerous growths. Even the smallest tumors are characterized by increased blood flow, which generates heat. The images created by thermography reflect those telltale spikes in temperature. Thermography is 97% sensitive according to a Cornell study where 58 of 60 tumors were detected successfully.

Like mammography and other breast-imaging techniques, infrared imaging does not diagnose cancer and is used as an adjunctive screening tool along with anatomical testing. 

Only a biopsy or other diagnostic studies can create a definitive diagnosis.  It does however, indicate the presence of an abnormality. This could be cancer, fibrocystic disease, an infection, muscular dysfunction or vascular disease. It is best to rely on more than one test in the fight against cancer.

Worst Thing About Breast Thermography

I was thinking about my many  years of experience with Breast Thermography and thought about the worst thing about breast thermography and aspects of this science as I began to write down some notes.  Before I share with  you  the worst part of thermography,  I will start out with some hard facts.
Breast Thermography was founded in  1956 by Dr. Robert Lawson of QuebecCanada. His published study of 26 women with breast cancer showed an average difference in breast temperature of 2.2 degrees F.  After Lawson’s work many scientists and medical providers  began using the technology.  Even with the analog systems of the 1960′ and 70’s results were astounding with sensitivity as high as 94% in studies involving 4000 people at the Albert Einstein Medical Center.
Thermography will pick up the hottest and most active of cancers, leaving the more benign cancers, such as ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), undetected.  No this is not the bad part of Breast Thermography, it is actually the good part. In most cases this allows for more aggressive form of breast cancer to be detected.

The New England Journal of Medicine , November 2012, showed that one third of all breast cancers were “over- treated.”  This over-treatment was mostly in the category of DCIS.  The use of breast thermography can help to cut down the over treatment of breast cancer.  We need more research in this area.
Thermography is radiation-free, and there is no touching or compressing the breast. It can be done in a privacy screening set up that it is relatively affordable.
With so much positivity in this medical technology and the promise it offers in the fight against cancer, it is extremely disheartening that it has not yet become part of mainstream routine evaluation.  That my fellow scientists, is the Worst Part of Breast Thermography.
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To find a lab location visit: Thermography Lab Centers (PACT Certified)

Thermography Location in Seattle

Shanna Rivera and her team travel to many places throughout the United States performing Medical Thermography screenings, including the thermography location in Seattle Washington. Shanna sees patients in an office located in the historical Seattle Smith Tower. She is available for scanning patients at least 4 times a month at this location. Appointments are scheduled in advance to make sure patients adhere to important protocols. Thermography Location in Seattle

Thermography Location in Seattle


Flow Well was started by Shanna in 2016. Shanna has been a member of Breast Thermography International since 2010. Our Flow Well team is here to help you assess your health and connect you to the best practitioner, professional or modality that best suits your wellness needs. Our patients at Flow Well have many locations to choose from nationwide.  The Thermography Location in Seattle is very convenient for Seattle residents or those traveling to the city. 

There are several good reasons why we should choose Thermography. It is considered an adjunctive screening tool along with anatomical testing. Thermography is 97% sensitive. Thermography doesn’t have any radiation that could cause cancer. 

We strongly recommend that you start off with a full body scan. There is a lot of  thermographic information in our body that can not be seen with any other medical test. At Flow Well, and in our thermography location in Seattle, we have performed over 5,000 scans and based on all the results that we see; we strongly encourage  checking your entire body. We offer a health screening that includes the upper body, front and back, excluding the arms and the hands. For men this screening includes the testicles. Some patients only want one region of the body scanned. The most popular single region is the breast scan.
Thermography is completely safe.  it uses infrared imaging to assess the body’s physiology  by detecting the heat signatures your body is emitting. Medical thermography can save your life, but it is most used as a preventative tool. See where your heat signatures are take action to potentially avoid cancer, other diseases and injury. 

For more information about our Thermography Location in Seattle and our services, you may visit our website Reach out to us! We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and we will schedule an appointment for you when you are  ready.