Thermography Location in NYC

Patricia Bowden-Luccardi offers Medical Thermography, conveniently located in midtown, five minutes from the  Grand Central Station subway stop and Metro North. Patricia scans patients three times a month in the thermography location in NYC as well as several times a year in Long Island, Brooklyn, Albany, Connecticut and Poughkeepsie.  Appointments are scheduled in advance to adhere to important protocols prior to screening.

thermography location NYC

Patricia has been a lifetime student of integrative health and wellness and has performed over 5000 screenings in the thermography location in NYC. She is a certified thermographic technician, a professional member of Breast Thermography International and The Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology. She holds licensed certifications in clinical massage therapy, neuromuscular therapy, and Whole Health Education™.

Your health is our number one priority and  we help you assess your health through the thermographic screening. Thermography has the ability to detect problems early enough to use preventive measures, rather than detecting disease at a stage where treatment is imminently required.

I will connect you to the best practitioner or modality that best suits your health needs. I witness the success of these practitioners work in many areas of health including remission of cancer while doing the least amount of harm to a person’s body.

Based on all the results we see, we strongly suggest to start by checking your entire body. Our thermography location in NYC offers health screening for breast only, the torso and head, and the full body. Men’s full body exam includes the testicles.

Thermography is a  radiation-free adjunctive to an anatomical  testing. It uses heat detection to locate areas of temperature differences in the body. Breast disease can be detected by looking at areas of excessive heat that may indicate areas of angiogenesis, or increase of blood vessels supplied by a growing tumor. Thermography can be used for general breast health assessment and is most effective for dense breast. 

Thermography is a safe adjunctive screening of other diseases such as thyroid abnormalities, lymphatic congestion, nervous system disorders, abdominal inflammation, vascular system analysis, neuromuscular disorders and over all systemic inflammation.

For more information about our Thermography Location in NYC and our services go to or book direct by calling Patricia Luccardi at 518 929-7579.